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Working group Wildlife Health

ZGAP Vet Advice is an offer provided by ZGAP working group „Wildlife Health“. It addresses NGOs conducting conservation projects. We believe that veterinary medicine can make an important contribution to species conservation, as in terms of highly threatened taxa, every sick or dead animal can mean a harsh setback to conservation efforts.

If conservation projects experience medical issues or diseases in their animals, they have the opportunity to approach ZGAP to get free advice that is based on the assessment of veterinarians experienced in exotic animal medicine. These veterinarians will support our offer thanks to a cooperation agreement between ZGAP and the German Association of Zoo Veterinarians VZT (Verband der Zootierärzte).  

You can find the application form here.

In addition, the working group is supposed to provide a platform for professional exchange especially in terms of

  • Current developments in wildlife medicine
  • Effects of infectious diseases (e.g. ASF) on species conservation
  • Environmental impacts as a possible cause for the occurence of diseases
  • Diagnostics and prevention of diseases
  • etc.