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Our project management

With the professional support of our experienced members of the advisory board and other experts, we thoroughly select promising projects, assist with the publication of the results, and help to obtain a long-term impact.

This way, we anually support new projects with the help of your donations. At the beginning, projects receive a time-limited funding, which can be extended to a time-unlimited partnership in case of an approved successful cooperation.

Based on the impacts and the knowledge we gain from our projects, we aim at winning new partners and patrons, locally and internationally, to ensure a long-term protection on site.

  • We are in touch with our project partners and monitor the progress in the course of the project.

  • With our project management we can set essential impulses worldwide.

  • Project teams submit their propsals which are evaluated by the managing committe and the experts in the advisory board.

  • On a regular basis, our project partners report on the funded projects in our journal (ZGAP Mitteilungen) and on conferences.

1.Receiving applications

Project teams and initiatives from all over the world send in their project proposals to apply for financial assistance.

2. Evaluating proposals

We evaluate the proposals on the basis of defined criteria (see funding guidelines) and select promising project ideas for funding.

3. Supervising projects

Anually, our project partners are obliged to send in a written report on the use of the money provided and the progress of the project.

4. Exploiting results

By the end of the project, we publish expolitable results and further development in our journal (ZGAP Mitteilungen).