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Working group Fund for Endangered Parrots (FbP)

In 1989, the working group "Parrot Conservation" was founded within the ZGAP, from which the "Fund for Endangered Parrots" (FbP) was formed a short time later.

The ever-increasing threat to wild parrot populations and the associated dramatic decline of many species requires intensive and targeted conservation measures more than ever. Field surveys have shown that a quarter of all parrot species are threatened, and of these, a quarter are even critically endangered.

The main reasons for this are ongoing habitat destruction, such as slash-and-burn or settlement on the one hand, but also still the illegal international bird trade, which still offers wild caught parrots.

The Fund for Endangered Parrots (FbP) aims to encourage and financially support field studies and the resulting conservation measures. It attaches particular importance to cooperation with other species conservation groups and the population of the respective countries of origin, in order to create effective long-term measures for the conservation of the endangered species through cooperation and education.

The most prominent examples of the FbP's many years of work and its often pioneering efforts are the Spix's Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii), whose catastrophic situation the ZGAP was one of the first organisations to point out back in the 1980s. From 1995 onwards, the FbP supported the Yellow-eared Parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis); due to the successful conservation measures, the Yellow-eared Parrot was subsequently downgraded from "critically endangered" to "endangered" in the IUCN Red List in 2012. Since 1998, the FbP has been promoting conservation measures for the Red-vented Cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia).

The Fund for Endangered Parrots is composed of parrot experts (biologists, veterinarians and others) who work to protect parrots in the wild. There is close cooperation with the Strunden Parrot Foundation (SPS).

Current projects are dedicated to the following species:

Your contact

Raphael Matern
Stefan Reegen



If you want to contact us by phone, please call the ZGAP office.

Member of the working group

  • Gottfried Blankenheim
  • Özen Blankenheim
  • Anja Czak
  • Jürgen Czak
  • Sebastian Exner

  • Bruno Hensel

  • Jan Himmerich

  • Raphael Matern

  • Stefan Reegen

  • Dr. Matthias Reinschmidt
  • Silke Schultze

In the case that you want to support our work in this working group, we appreciate every donation to following bank account.

Account holder

Fonds für bedrohte Papageien

Account number

88 945 006

Bank name

Volksbank im Unterland




DE95 620 632 63 00 88 945 006

Project Principle

  • All projects are carried out only with reputable organisations or individuals of whose qualifications we are satisfied or who have references showing them to be qualified..

  • We only support projects that aim to protect and conserve endangered parrot species in the wild.

  • Whenever possible, we visit the projects to see for ourselves how the money is being used. It goes without saying that visits and inspections at the projects are paid for by the members of the FbP themselves.

  • 100% of the money goes to species conservation.